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ELBA GLOBAL is a leading global alliance of elite legal and business advisors with 15 independent member firms throughout various regions of the world, including the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe in 14 countries. We are trusted professionals from around the world who provide legal, tax and accounting services in over 30 different practice areas. With exceptional skills and experience from highly respected firms, the professionals in ELBA’s network are extremely qualified to service their clients, including high net worth individuals, family offices, multinationals, and public and private entities in sophisticated and routine legal and business matters.


In an increasingly complex yet integrated world, ELBA members deliver effective counsel and services with a global perspective and local presence. Collectively, we help clients achieve their goals by navigating global laws, customs, business practices, politics, cultures, and languages. ELBA firms often collaborate on international transactions and disputes to ensure clients secure the finest representation with seamless experience. From navigating the complexities of multijurisdictional international disputes, successfully closing cross-border mergers and acquisitions, interpreting and advising on the applicability of international tax treaties, providing local labor and employment counsel, raising capital for a new venture,  registering intellectual property in various countries, to securing time-sensitive business visas for immigration to a new country, ELBA members together regularly represent clients in their legal and business needs worldwide.


All ELBA members are carefully selected through our detailed due diligence process to ensure that only highly qualified professional with expertise in their respective areas of practice are approved. ELBA member firms also ensure clients receive exceptional client service that is tailored, responsive, practical and business oriented.  We also distinguish ourselves by promoting cost-effective professional services for clients. Our goal is for our members to maintain reasonable, value-added fees that help satisfy their client’s international needs, expectations and budget.

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